You, or Red?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it you, or your facial redness?

Of course the reflection is you, but if you suffer from facial redness from rosacea then it’s not uncommon to focus purely on the RED. At times it can feel like RED has a personality all of its own, and a pretty forceful one at that:

It’s the first thing I see in the morning

I’m fed up with looking red.

Sound familiar? If it does then you have come to the right place. This website has been designed to help people like you gain control over their rosacea and facial redness, explaining and exploring effective ways to act on RED.  

There’s lots of great content to click on, including videos of other people’s experiences, guidance on what to ask your healthcare professional and honest advice on treatments. Basically, all you need to know so you can start seeing less of red and more of YOU.

Find out how facial redness is more common than you might think:

So you think you are the only one out there suffering from facial redness caused by rosacea? Think again. A quick scan of the internet will show that it is a symptom affecting (and worrying) more people that you might expect. 


The “typical” patient may be a fair-skinned forty three year old women, with a family history of the disease. But in reality facial redness affects all sorts of people.

But where are these fellow sufferers? Why aren’t you bumping into more of them on the street or at your local restaurant? Well there are lots of possible explanations for this. One is that is that 39% of sufferers avoid contact or cancel social engagements because of their skin.

Another possibility is that many patients have managed to find successful strategies (like those described on this website!) for coping with their conditions.

And if you are worried that facial redness is affecting your state of mind:

A friend and I went to see some new apartments. When we met the estate agent, his skin was red and spotty, just like mine. My friend said people wouldn’t want to rent an apartment from a person who looked like that. Who looked like me.

On the surface, facial redness doesn’t sound like a very serious condition. After all, it is not a proper disease is it? Well actually, it is a symptom of rosacea and one that can have a negative effect on a person’s life.

Maybe it’s getting to the point where my performance at work is suffering.

When I was younger I didn’t want to go out and see anyone. Often I stayed at home.

If these experiences sound familiar to you, the good news is that help is at hand. Talking to your doctor about how badly facial redness is affecting your daily life is the best way to ensure you get the treatment you need.